Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Roundup

  • The homemade deodorant ROCKS. Truly. I've worn it all week, and even on our hot, stuffy drive up to Santa Rosa yesterday -- no stink. I added a little vanilla-amber essential oil to the mix, and even at the very end of the day (and, I might add, I took my shower the night before, so a full 24-hours later), absolutely no stink. Just a hint of vanilla. No sweat smell. Not even *clean* sweat smell, just... nothing. I'm impressed, as even the crystal stuff left some kind of odd scent. This seems to work great on feet as well. No, it doesn't stop the perspiration, but here's a bonus: because the sweat isn't all mixed up with gross chemical stuff, it just dries up right away and doesn't leave a stain or a scent. I don't feel clammy or yucky at all. The shirt I wore all day yesterday (and sweated in the hot car in) STILL SMELLS CLEAN. Seriously. I'm kind of amazed.
  • Watched Coraline last night. Great visuals, although I prefer the original story better. I was pleased that it *was* a bit creepy and not completely sanitized. The Other Mother is still scary... but she was scarier in the book.
  • Sleep is still difficult. I'm realizing that I am carrying anxiety to bed and that's making it hard to stay asleep. I'm working on that. And, Terri's doctor recommended we get blackout curtains for the bedroom. Right now we have just simple, light & airy white sheers. Blackouts would be a big change, but I bet it would make a difference.
  • Speaking of big changes that would make a difference, we got more information about the raw food diet from the doctor. Ok, so... I'm not sure I'm ready for this. I'm pretty gung-ho about making healthy changes usually, but this kind of makes me trepidatious. It's all raw, all the time, and mostly fruit. I have a lot of questions. I think we're going to look for the book and check out the science (and sources). I did some research online and although it's an extreme diet, it does seem to help people with various chronic conditions (however, that's all from the internet, which must be taken with at least two grains of salt).

    I'm way more open/ready for the macrobiotic diet, which seems positively lenient in comparison. I was thinking about this today and I realized how much I use cooking as a hobby. If we went all raw/fruit... uh, there goes one of my major hobbies. At least with macrobiotic, there's lots of yummy food, lots of new things to try, lots of variety and different flavors, textures, techniques, etc. It sounds interesting and tasty (and healthy). However, raw fruit and greens... besides some chopping and perhaps some blending... there's not much to be done. It sounds... boring. And also makes my tummy hurt just thinking about it.

    So, we're going to think on it for awhile. I think we can go ahead and start incorporating macrobiotic stuff into our lives. Cut out dairy, replace refined sugar with maple syrup, agave, etc.... eat whole grains, cook miso... I can do all that. No problem. Maybe what we'll do is just try to eat a raw meal a few times a week -- a big salad, or a fruit blend, or whatever. I really get that the raw foods can have a big impact on health. However, exslusively raw... I don't think we're there yet.

    The doctor said that macrobiotic was the second best diet for CFS. So, we'll do second-best for awhile. Sometimes that is just good enough. Frankly I feel like I am not quite ready to give up my hobby, and I really can't imagine going through the winter eating just fruits and greens. I need some hot meals!!

    I am excited to learn how to make my own miso soup, however, since I crave this at least once a week (although I only have it every other month or so). That, and a big grain-and-veggie salad are going to be my weekend cooking projects. The idea of a nice bowl of miso soup every morning sounds heavenly.
  • Reading The Book Of Lost Things... it's unusual and I'm really enjoying it.
  • Back on the Valcyte means lots of more applesauce (Terri has to crush the Valcyte and take it in applesauce). If you ever need to eat large quantities of applesauce, let me spare your tastebuds and let you know that Trader Joe's has the very best unsweetened applesauce. Don't even bother with anything else. Just go straight to TJ's. I actually ordered a case of applesauce today because I get sick of buying it!
That's about it for today. We're cleaning the house and running a few errands, and then I'm going to go stock up on macro foods. I'm kind of excited about this since I am feeling a strong pull towards this way of eating (lots of whole grains, veggies, some fruits, as local and fresh as you can get it). There's a whole yin-yang philosophy that goes with it but I'm just going to focus on the food right now.

And miso soup. Yum. I really can't wait.


Tammie said...

terri must be so sick of applesauce.

we watched coraline wednesday night. i liked it a lot. i was a bit upset about the addition of this wybie kid, but i think it was all done in a way that ultimately didnt deviate from the book too much.

after i put my daughter to bed that night she started screaming "I dont like this, I don't like this!" i went in there and she was pointing to a black string on the floor. i was like "why are you so upset about a string?" she said she thought it was a piece of the other mothers hand.

Daphne said...

Ok, that WOULD be scary. We liked it but I definitely liked the book better.