Saturday, July 11, 2009


I woke up this morning NOT feeling like I had a fiery board strapped to my upper back, so that's good! Still pretty stiff and sore but it doesn't feel like if I make one wrong move, things are going to snap, anymore. So, definitely progress.

We washed both litter boxes yesterday with Simple Green. Apparently this was a mistake. Now one little particular (sick) kitty is peeing right NEXT to the box (on the waterproof mat, thankfully). Sigh. I think she doesn't like the new smell. So, back to the drawing board. That's what I get for trying to make things better.

Terri made the menu for the week so I know that tonight we are having a beet and avocado salad for dinner. One thing I do love about living in California is cheap avocadoes (in season). Sometimes they are 4/$1. That's pretty amazing. I could eat avocadoes every day.

Today I am getting my 'chores' done early, and then we'll go to the library around 2 pm. I'm stocking up on everything cozy and nice. I started reading a de Lint book last night, but it's one of his few horror novels and boy, I am really not in the mood for that. I love his writing, and usually I love scary books, but I really did not want to read that last night. Thank goodness the muscle relaxant kicked in and I fell fast asleep.

Speaking of sleep, I noticed today that I woke up feeling... awake. Rested! What a strange sensation! It reinforced my suspicion that I haven't been sleeping well lately. I think that I am waking up over and over and over all night. Even though I fall back asleep quickly, I'm not getting very good sleep. Since I can't keep taking muscle relaxants all the time (dang), I need to look into this. I'm guessing exercise and possibly some relaxation exercises. And I need to work on stress reduction since apparently it's all adding up. It feels so good to actually feel rested. Three nights of solid sleep will do that to you, I guess! I have 12 more doses of the MR's and I'm going to use them all. I don't have that yucky hangover feeling with this particular kind like I do with Flexeril. Normally I try not to take medicine or drugs but I'm just going to go ahead and take it and get some rest.

In other news, we are getting our first tomato! One little teeny-tiny cherry tomato is starting on our small little bush. I'm very excited and am cheering it on!

Well, I'm off to do chores. Kitty-sitting, new litter box (sigh), maybe a quick stop at the thrift store for some rag towels. And then books and relaxing the rest of the day. Yay!


Tammie said...

how dare you mess with the litter boxes?!?! dont you know better? actually i learned this the hard way when i switched my cats over to the feline pine litter. i had one cat rebel and she just started peeing on jay in the middle of the night. jay was not amused.

Kate said...

Argh, the litter box woes. When my Riley was sick (which was for about two years) the litter box was a constant source of stress, probably for both of us (or all three if you count Jeff, which I should.) No ONE ever got the business end of him, but a lot of STUFF did. I feel your pain.

Daphne said...

Yeah... seriously. Got the message loud and clear. I actually just went and bought a new box. That seems to be working... so far. Crossing fingers...