Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Happy Moment

Been a little gloomy and doomy around here lately. However, I am currently having a very happy moment and since I have my computer out here and don't yet want to go inside (although I need to within five minutes), I thought I would chronicle it here so I don't forget that I *do* have these every so often...

I'm sitting out on the back porch. It's quiet; only the sounds of distant city traffic and the chiming of the nearby church bell. A lawn mower a few blocks away.

It's absolutely perfect weather. Probably around 73 degrees, bright blue sky, clear warm sun on my back and at my feet. I have two very happy fluffy kitties lolling around in the sunbeams. This is after they've scratched at the back welcome mats, eaten kitty grass (which i grow in a pot for them), sniffed the flowers and gotten scolded for attempting to go down the steps (they are only allowed on the porch, not down the stairs).

I have a perfect glass of tea next to me, almost finished. The warm scent of freshly-made brownies drifts out of the open back door. I have a pleasant day ahead of me. I have only to hop in the shower, complete a few small errands and then pick up a friend and her baby, and then we are off to San Francisco for a baby shower picnic in the park, on what looks to be a lovely day everywhere in the Bay Area (which doesn't happen all that often. Usually if it's sunny here, it's cold and foggy in the city).

My tomatoes are ripening, my basil is tall and full and smells wonderful, and my petunias are truly exploding with blooms (must take a photo soon).

And, I just found $1.75 behind the pillow on the chair, which must have been left there from my landlady. When the new washer and dryer were recently installed, I lost $1.75 trying to make them work. She must have refunded me the money and I didn't realize it. So a happy surprise there.

All right. Now I must go take a shower, get dressed and run errands and then get on with the rest of this great day. I am GOING TO HAVE A GOOD DAY, DAMMIT.


Stefanie said...

It must have been a good day if it had brownines it :)

Nymeth said...

I seriously live for moments like that :)