Thursday, July 09, 2009

Better (kind of)

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That was me yesterday. I am so rarely in a truly bad mood (the kind where you really can't hide it) that people at work yesterday were giving me the look. You know the one... "Ummm, I'll just... step away... and, um... hope you feel better soon..."

Today I am still sad (so sad) and still hurting and stiff (with a killer headache) but was in a better mood. I could fake it pretty well. I got stuff done. I even filed a police report. So, that's better.

I guess.

Tomorrow I have appointments all day (chiropractor, car stuff, physical therapy), so I'm taking the day off. Hopefully there will be some resting in there somewhere. Next week is more busybusybusy. Then hopefully some more resting.

Although I'm terribly sad for the reason why we can spoil Tiger Lily with abandon, it is amusing to watch her gleefully lick the cereal milk and realize, with dawning joy, that she gets to be on the bed as much as she wants.

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