Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've recently been alerted...

...that I have fallen off the face of the blogosphere.

So, a super-duper quick update.

1. My best friend was here for a long weekend, so that's reason #1 why I haven't been blogging.

2. Reason #2 is that I've been obscenely busy all the rest of the time.

3. I need a vacation.

Also: owl prints are in! If you won a print and you haven't yet given me your address or selection (I'm looking at you, D'Arcy...) then let me know this week and I'll be sending out owls next week. Yay!

Book-reading is in a sad state... I have yet to crack Fox Woman although I'm dying to read it, and I even talked the library check-out guy into letting me renew it again, although it should have been back in the system weeks ago. I also have the new David Sedaris, and... hmm. Something else, which I've forgotten, but which looks good. I need to renew my library TBR list -- I'm kind of out of books after this stack. I had to return the Maria Tatar... I got about 3/4 of the way through it, does that count?

Ugh. Way too busy. My head hurts. You know it's bad when I start forgetting to eat. That is SERIOUS, people.


Tammie said...

i would love to forget to eat. my jeans would fit so much better.

i love david sedaris. i saw him speak once---seriously one of the highlights of my life.

Nymeth said...

yay, owls!

Also, you need to read The Fox Woman, because I'm dying to hear your thoughts :P

Daphne said...

Tammie: it happens only rarely, so it hasn't made much impact on the jeans-fit. Too bad.

Ana: OK! I am going to read it next, as much as trashy reading is calling my name over my little mini-vacation coming up...