Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Eff You, Safeway!"

It's so warm! Luckily our apartment isn't too hot yet. I'm hoping it stays cooler since tomorrow I'm having my book club over in the evening, and it can get SO HOT in here. Praying it stays relatively comfortable. If not, we'll go to a local park and have a picnic. I want to show off our new home so I'm hoping it stays bearable.

Speaking of the local park, we went out for a bit this afternoon since it was so nice. We went over to Lake Merritt and went to the Garden Center to walk around and admire all the gardens. Vegetables, dahlias, flowers of all sorts, Japanese and bonsai gardens. Beautiful and relaxing.

Two things happened:

1. A killer squirrel came after Terri. There was a cute one, the "distraction", sitting there very sweetly, eating a green apple and looking adorable. Then, out of nowhere, comes this big fat aggressive squirrel, with big teeth and big bright beady eyes, straight for Terri. Brave Terri ducked behind me because "he can smell the fear!" (I think he was hoping for a handout, but I could be wrong...)

2. Then, we were strolling back to our car, and we saw this sweet little old (Greek?) man sitting there weeding (again... looks can be deceiving!). He was trimming the sorrel and he offered us some. We started chatting... he asked if we had a garden. We told him about our cherry tomatoes and basil. He approved. Then he started in about how bad it was to go to Safeway and buy the expensive, genetically modified, "plastic" vegetables. "It's all plastic! It's not real food! It's killing people! F**k you, Safeway! F**k the corporations! They don't care if people die, they only care about making money! They don't care how many people die because of their bad food! F**k you, Safeway! F**k them all!" and on, and on, and on, even after we drifted away and he was knee-deep in the tomatoes, muttering about Safeway and the corporations.

I happen to agree with him, but, um. Um.

Anyway, it was an amusing walk in the park.

And now we are home. And it's hot. Effing hot?


Tammie said...

sometimes crazy people make the most sense.

its effing hot. im ready for fall.

babybuddhalover said...

Hilarious! I love hearing stories about old people swearing... It gives me warm fuzzies!?!

Hope you are surviving the heat- Looks like it is going to get hot up here this weekend and I can't wait!

Daphne said...

Tammie: effing right!

Beth: so funny. He was very vehement!!