Sunday, May 03, 2009


Actually, I made these awhile ago (see: lazy, and can't upload photos on time) and this weekend I made peanut butter cookies (and didn't take photos, see: lazy). But you get the picture. Cookies + rainy weekend = laziness.

Tomorrow is my first day off on the Four Ten-Hour Day work week experiment. I am very glad I'm starting this week because I have definitely been fighting this terrible killer cold that's been going around my office and taking people out for weeks at a time. I haven't succumbed, and I think I'm feeling better, but I am really afraid that I'm getting an ear infection, instead. I have extremely sensitive ears and on a good day, my right ear is totally messed up (the eardrum has been replaced, and I have a permanent tube in the eardrum now). For the past few weeks I've been having trouble hearing out of the right ear (which I do anyway, but it's been worse), but every year this happens and I go to the doctor and they tell me it's allergies. So I've resisted going to the doctor, even though I have been having stupid dizzy spells and stupid pressure and stupid fluid-sounds in my ear, and now there's some stupid discharge. This whole ear thing is stupid. I don't want to go to the doctor, because I am SURE they will just send me on my way with decongestant (which I have, and which I've been taking). So I'm just waiting for it to either bleed, or get really painful. I know, gross. Sigh.

So I've been taking it very easy this weekend. Made some cookies, made some healthy barley-lentil stew (to counteract the cookies, right?). Been reading a ton, and lazing around. Doing some serious sleeping. It's been really great, and I am SO GLAD I get to continue doing it again tomorrow. I've been doing a few chores here and there, so the house feels nice and clean, but I'm definitely not overdoing it.

Tomorrow I'd like to put away a few things that have been lingering in the corners, and maybe drop some stuff off at the thrift store, and do some laundry. But mostly, I plan on sitting around and resting. It's been raining and raining, which is nice. We've just been watching movies or Bravo TV marathons, reading, and napping.

Also, I'm reading The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx, and can I just say that I'm really glad I'm not addicted to heroin? Just sayin'.


Ally said...

I hope you're having a restful day and that you feel better soon! The ear stuff sounds terrible. :(

Stefanie said...

I hope you ear is feeling better. Those cookies look like they should be able to fix anything!