Monday, May 11, 2009

(insert witty post title here) (edited)

Me, bravely keeping away those dangerous wild elephant seals (photo by Brother)

Well, after starting this post about six times, I'm just going to go with the facts.

1. I seem to have no creativity today.
2. My ear is driving me CRAZY. This morning it felt like I woke up with a water balloon inside my head. Even my eyes felt puffy. Slosh, slosh, ouch, ouch.
3. I am too busy (this week). Things are falling by the wayside.
4. I don't like this state, when things are like this.

I also heard that Mercury is in retrograde for a few weeks, and we had a full moon recently. Fun times!

This ear thing is really a pain. I woke up this morning and felt so crummy that I called the doctor again. Basically, there's nothing I can do until I see my ENT doc on Thursday. So I get to live with vertigo, sloshy ears, pain and pressure and queasiness until then. It could be worse. But I'm still not happy about it.

I have too many balls in the air (the past few weeks have been really crazy, and I've just got a lot projects to complete ASAP) and that's no fun either. I can't wait to get things calmed down a little. Lots of work is great, but there's a limit to how much I can do at one time!

(um, wasn't my last post all complaints, too? Oh yeah. Right. Well, too bad.)

However, on the other hand, some good things:
1. Finally got the perfect chair for the deck and planted some plants, including a cherry tomato. Very exciting! It's soooo lovely out there. Photos soon.
2. Terri is, as always, being the perfect partner when I don't feel well. She's volunteered to make dinner every night this week.
3. ...aaaand.... um... oh, I decided to make a rhubarb pie next weekend. That counts as good, right?

Well. I'm babysitting and a big stack of People magazines are calling my name. Work does have its perks...

(also, just realizing that the fact that I've wanted to cry ALL DAY LONG might also point me in the direction of suspecting that perhaps, just maybe, there might possibly be some hormonal stuff happening...)


Tammie said...

i hope you feel better soon, but at least you have those People Magazines.

i've never made a rhubarb pie, never even tasted one. rhubarb is something that has always intrigued me.

oh, and thanks for keeping the world safe from those elephant seals. (that really is a great picture.)

Nymeth said...

Get well soon! I used to have lots of ear infection when I was younger. They're hell :/

I love that photo!

Eva said...

My right ear stopped working during April (it's back to normal now! no idea why it went on strike), and I had a preview of what it must be like to be a deaf old person. Awful.

What I really wanted to say is that's the best photo ever!!! hehe

Stefanie said...

Love the photo! Sorry about your ear. I hope it gets better soon!

Miss D. said...

Isn't that a great photo? My brother insisted on it. I love it.

Tammie: I'll see if I can figure out how to send you a rhubarb tart. :)

Nymeth: they are no fun at all!

Eva: how weird! It's very difficult when your ears don't work right.

Stefanie: It's such a great sign. My brother just couldn't stop laughing about it.