Tuesday, April 21, 2009

House Full Of Hotties

It's nearly 8 pm and it's still almost 80 degrees. It's just barely starting to cool off, which is a relief. Everyone here at home has been melting all day long. The last three days have been hot, hot, hot. Only today did we remember that we have a ceiling fan in the dining room (first time we've turned it on since we moved). Cleo (the big bully) is afraid of it and so won't come into the room. She just stares at the moving fan and then slinks away, tail tucked. Silly kitty.

So we'll be looking into an inexpensive window AC unit for these occasional super-hot days. When it gets over 90 degrees, it's just too hot for our elderly kitties and Terri's tolerance for heat and cold is extremely lowered on her Valcyte treatment. Thankfully during spring, summer and fall we don't get over 80 or 85 very often.

I've been flipping through various books and watching movies -- too hot to get into anything very deeply. We watched Apocalypse Now Redux the other night -- I actually really enjoyed it, which surprised me. I thought it was strange and beautiful.

It should be cooling off tomorrow, so we're just going to 'enjoy' the last night of this freak heat wave by following the kitties' example and flopping around. I think I might have ice cream for dinner. Sometimes I love being an adult.


Stefanie said...

My sister in LA has been hot too. She said it was cooler there today. Hope the same for you.

Carl V. said...

I haven't been wildly fond of the higher than normal temps here over the last few days. I love the spring and am not in a hurry for 80+ degree days. Summer will, unfortunately, be here soon enough. Had to turn on the air yesterday so the house wasn't stuffy for my daughter and her friend getting ready for prom. It kills me to turn on the air conditioning before June!!!