Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taking It Easy

I'm not good at taking it easy. As a result, I am often tired. You would think I would learn... however, I decided to take a little break this week. Feeling like I was fighting a cold and so very exhausted, I have had a four-day break. Here is what I have done (in the name of relaxing):

* gone on three runs (yay!)
* slept in until 10 almost every day
* gone to my bookclub meeting
* done minimal petsitting
* babysat twice (both super-easy)
* have not cooked much
* have not done art
* have not cleaned much
* have not gone grocery shopping
* have not run around doing un-fun errands

Mostly, just been hanging around with Terri. We did a little errand-ing on Saturday, which was lovely since the weather has been amazing. Last night I babysat a little boy who was asleep the entire time, and today I babysat another little boy who was asleep 2/3 of the time. That, I can handle.

Um, that's about it. I have not much to report, since... see above.


Stefanie said...

Yay for taking it easy! You deserve it!

Miss D. said...

Thanks! It was really great. I feel much better now, actually...