Monday, March 16, 2009

Creative Weekend

Such a busy and creative weekend!

Saturday, Terri's sister came over for the day (which was lovely) and so I made lunch (my plans of fancy garbanzo salad and lime tart were waylaid by a gray day and a craving for turkey sandwiches and brownies... I did make the bread, and the coleslaw, and the brownies...). I also had a birthday party to go to that evening, and a gift to make. Of course I totally forgot to take any photos of the gift, but it was a sweet little frilly nameplate painting for a dear friend, all pink and Parisian and perfect for her little craft studio. (The party was wonderful, too!)

Sunday I decided to make a traditional Easter egg tree like we'd had when I was growing up. So I got the branches, got the egg dye, and got to work. It is SO FUN to dye eggs. Why is this so fun? It's not so fun to blow out the insides of the eggs, but with a little practice it's not so bad. Anyway, the tree was completed and I took photos, but I forgot to download them. Welcome to my life lately.

The second part of the day was taken up with another little painting for another friend who likes old-fashioned botanical/animal prints. I had these little cards as inspiration:

So I decided to do a little moth painting for her. This took much less time than I would have thought. Either I'm getting into this painting thing or it was deceptively simple. Probably the latter. Anyway, super-fun to do, love the antiqued edges. I'm not completely happy with the wings, but I'm working on acceptance and looking for the beauty in imperfection. Right? Right.

Hopefully I'll download the Easter egg tree photos soon. My mind? Like a steel trap. A rusty, broken, crumbling steel trap.


Anonymous said...

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Nymeth said...

I love your painting, and I'm normally not a fan of moths. The only imperfection I see is the fact that it IS a moth :P But a very cool one, I must admit.

Miss D. said...

La: I love it!!

Nymeth: thank you! I'm sorry it's a moth. :)