Friday, March 20, 2009

...because, why not? Once Upon A Time Challenge III

I shy away from challenges because I just can't commit to much right now, but this is right up my alley and sounds really fun. So, this year, I will participate in Once Upon A Time Challenge III, hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings! I'm very excited; I'll be checking up on everyone's TBR lists to get some ideas and will post my own soon. I had such a good time with R.I.P. last year, I'm sure this will be fun.
Then comes the hard part; which Quest will I choose?

I think I will do Quest The Third (at least one book each from: fantasy, folklore, fairy tale, and mythology PLUS reading Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in June) and Quest The Fourth (two non-fiction books or essay collections which treat any of the four genres).
The challenge is from tomorrow through June 20th, so I think I can manage all that. I'm really looking forward to discovering some new authors, genres, and bloggers!
Some early ideas:
* an old-school fantasy like Piers Anthony or Anne McCaffrey
* Russian folklore
* Marie-Louise von Franz' books on fairy tales
* Joseph Campbell's mythology works
* some Grimm
* maybe rereading Little, Big
And, as an added bonus, perhaps doing some art projects which have been rattling around in my brain: my own take on some favorite fairy-tale themes.

OK, now I'm excited.


DesLily said...

wow.. how strange to read you list Piers Anthony! I have the original trilogy he began with A Spell for Chamelian out to reread and forgot to put that on the list!!

Miss D. said...

I've never read Piers Anthony (I rarely read traditional fantasy) but would like to try it out... I'm so excited about this!

Nymeth said...

I'd love to read some old school fantasy too. And Russian folklore! Russian folklore is awesome. Happy reading :D

Kerry said...

It sounds like a most varied selection. Have a great time reading.

Carl V. said...

Thanks so much for joining in. I promise you'll have fun with this one too, just like you did with R.I.P.! I like your list of ideas on what to read. I have one or two Campbell books that a friend lent me that I really should read soon.

Robin said...

It IS exciting, isn't it! I love this challenge and look forward to reading your reviews.

Miss D. said...

Nymeth: Definitely some Baba Yaga in my future. :)

Kerry: thanks! I can't wait to check them out.

Carl: I'm so glad you're hosting it! I loved RIP and can't wait to get into my new books.

Robin: I'm quite excited. Glad you are too!

Marg said...

Russian folklore sounds interesting!

Cath said...

This is the second time in two days I've seen mention of 'Little, Big' (the first was an Amazon rec in a comment on another book). I must be destined to look that one up to see what it is. :-) Look forward to your reviews.

Shelley said...

I would love to hear about some Russian folklore! Sounds like some great ideas.