Saturday, January 24, 2009

Red Owl (Owl #2)

Hey, guess what? Sitting your butt down and painting all day is sorta fun. Who knew? I think part of me is afraid of liking it too much, because then that is all I'll want to do. I suppose there are worse fates.

Anyway. When we last left Owl Painting #2, we had a fancy branch without an inhabitant. Today I set out to remedy that.

With a demon. A badly-drawn one, at that.

Ooh, now he's an angry demon! See this? This is his angry face!

Now he's so mad his eyes have turned yellow. At this point, I was sort of enjoying my angry demon owl and considered doing a whole series of really angry birds.

'cause look how cool they are when they are all empty-eyed and mad.

But then he got pupils and wasn't angry any more. Or at least, he's calmed down considerably.

Then he got all cute and stuff.

It's really, really difficult to take a picture of a painting without getting glare all over the place. Argh.

Anyway. And that's how Red Owl came into being. He's based on a Great Horned Owl but is his own little species of Cutie Pie Owlness.

He's going to live next to Blue Owl.

There's a third owl coming, but she isn't sure what color she wants to have yet. Yellow? Pink? Purple? Perhaps purple. She'll let me know.

I really like this tree-bark treatment. I guess that's what happens, right? You find something you like and you keep developing it? For someone who has been painting and drawing her whole life, I am totally clueless sometimes.

I also went to the library to return books but got a whole bunch more in addition. Then I walked to the grocery store. That was dumb. It was a very long, heavy walk home. Oh well.

Gray, rainy day, with lots of painting, a little walk, and U2, The Cure, Metallica and several other intense-y old favorites keeping me inspired. Now, let's go see what Terri was up to all day while I was completely in my own world.


Tammie said...

i love your owls.
simply adorable.

stefanie said...

I love your owls! I can't wait to see owl number three.

Daphne said...

Thanks, Tammie and Stefanie! I am loving the owls too. I hope #3 is a cutie too.

Kate said...

These are fantastic! I love them together. They're almost seasonal.

Matt said...

You're so awesome... I can't wait to decorate my house in Daphne originals.

Matt said...

My sister's so awesome.

Daphne said...

Kate: thanks! I can't decide if they *should* be seasonal or not, but I only have three frames that match so there will only be three in this little series! But we'll see what happens. :)

Matt: I have a brother who is kind of awesome, too. (thanks. I'm thinking of a fish series after I get done with owls.)

Nymeth said...

wow...I really, really love your owls!

Eva said...

I LOVE these!!! I'm having some serious owl-envy over here. :)

Susan said...

lol serious owl-envy is right! I have a friend whose companion is the owl....I rather like them too. any chance you can make prints one day? :-) they are beautiful, and bright, and fun. Lovely work, Daphne!

Daphne said...

Nymeth and Eva: thank you so much for all the owl-love!

Susan: funny you should ask about prints... I was just thinking I might look into that. Stay tuned!