Friday, November 28, 2008

Also short geeky note

I am so tired that I am unable to read any novels. However, my gigantic housekeeping book seems to be perfect. So I am falling asleep to reading about how to iron shirts and how to set up a housekeeping schedule, and how to stock a pantry. It's extremely comforting and is helping me believe that I can conquer this mold thing and we can start life in our new house with everything sparklingly fresh and clean.

I'm reading a housekeeping book. Yep. I am soooooo edgy.


stefanie said...

Be careful! You don't want that crazy housekeeping book to turn your head. Before you know it you will be matching socks and starching collars! ;)

Eva said...

Which book is it?! (from another curious geek, hehe)