Thursday, September 11, 2008

What The Cards Say

I like playing with tarot cards. I don't do it very often, so I'm not very good at it. But I'd like to be really good at it. Kind of like I'd like to be really good at dowsing. Um, self? That requires practice. Right.

Anyway. I was thinking about the Johari window the other day and remembered there's a tarot spread for that. So I thought I would see what the cards said about me right now.

Position 1: What everyone knows: King of Cups
I see this as the face I usually present to the world. Calm, competent, relatively good judgment, patient, intuitive... seems pretty accurate, pretty positive.

Position 2: What others see, that you don't: The Moon
Hmm. Fear and bewilderment. Living in a fantasy world. This doesn't seem quite right, but then again, this is what others are supposed to see in me that I don't. So who am I to judge? I don't understand this card as of yet. Unless it's meaning something like: I'm trying not to let everyone see how unsure I am in the world sometimes, but they see right through me.

Position 3: What you see about yourself, that others don't: 9 of Swords
This one feels awfully close to the bone. I don't suppose I show all the worry and anguish that I carry all the time. I try to let it go, I try not to encourage it, but it's there. Hopefully this card will change sometime in the near future (see post below).

Position 4: What nobody sees, but is true about you: 9 of Pentacles
I like this one. The book I have says that this card in this position means that there is a 'lucky fairy' waiting inside of me, just waiting for me to notice her for her to show the way. I feel like I started to find her a little when I listened to the psychic and searched for a different path to nursing and fell upon Occupational Therapy instead; instantly my entire outlook on school and future career changed. So maybe I'm listening to this wise little guide a little more.

*** ***

I could lay cards all night. I might. Here's a perfect evening all laid out in front of me:

* Playing with Tarot while
* Watching new Ghost Hunters and
* Eating our favorite quinoa and avocado dinner, followed by
* Finishing my current geeky book.

I feel totally self-indulgent reading all these silly spooky thrillers in a row. Screw it. Escapism doesn't get much better than these. Although I have to hurry up and finish the series because I have a huge list of other books to read that I want to get through before the end of October.

Oh yes. And I have to study. Right.

Oh. And I have to unpack. From last week. That's what weekends are for, right?

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