Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, now

Everyone's been posting self-portraits lately, so here's one of me. I don't take self portraits very often because I can't figure out the camera technicalities too well and also I'm really not very photogenic. It's fun, though. I should do more of it. It might be a fun way to explore self-expression.

I spent the majority of today at a baseball game. I am not a baseball fan but it was our 'summer outing' at my work, so I went to go team-build or whatever, and also because it can be fun to sit and gossip with work friends in the stands, which is what I did. On my way to the ballpark I saw a homeless man who looked like he might be a baseball fan and I really wanted to give him my ticket but the logistics overwhelmed me and I decided that instead, I would just be really grateful that I had the opportunity, myself. 'Cause really? Spending the day in the hot stands of a baseball field beats being in an office. Or being homeless.

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Allison said...

Don't be silly! You are beautiful and totally photogenic! :)