Sunday, August 03, 2008

That was my first mistake...

I shouldn't have made these.

But, I did. And we must all live with the consequences. They're from Pioneer Woman, and lordy does that woman love butter. I love apricot bars but I've never made them before. It's a shame that I now know how easy they are to make.

It's not my fault. I'm reading Outlander, full of hearty Scottish fare such as bannocks and apricot pies and such. I was really wishing it were a misty, chilly day so I could cuddle up and read my book and perhaps make scones and have tea. But, it was sunny and nice (the standard here, unfortunately), so I made do with a somewhat less wintry treat.

Cleo, for one, has had enough of this lazing around and reading. She can't take it anymore.

It's a little hard to tell in this photo but her little head is hanging off the side of the bed. "Moooommmmm... I'm sooooo booooorreed...."

Today has been extremely pleasant. I woke up and started reading my book again. Then it was time for our Sunday ritual of paper, kitties, and tea in bed. We did a few chores (mine were punctuated with a chapter of my book as a reward for each chore), then I ran out to do errands while Terri, feeling a wee mite bit better, straightened the house and cleaned the door windows. I made the bars, then went out for a run, and now am happily looking forward to another night of soba noodles (I tell you, I am addicted) and reading.

Terri is feeling a little better, as I said. We don't know why, but we're enjoying it! At least 20% better than at her lowest point, I think, and even though she is having dips in energy and not-feeling-well, they aren't dipping as low. Oooh, I am dreading the Mepron but hopefully it won't be as bad as we hear. It's so nice to have her 'back' for a while. We've got another week before she starts it and we're going to enjoy it!


stefanie said...

What a marvelous sounding day! I'm sure Cleo wasn't really bored. She just wanted you up so she could have the whole bed to herself ;)

Daphne said...

Our bed -- a full king size, mind you -- is lorded over by the cats. They each have their section. Frequently we are squeezed together onto less than 1/3 of the bed because somebody has decided to take up more than her half of the middle and will NOT be moved. If they weren't so cute it might be annoying.