Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rah, Rah

OK. I don't usually talk about politics. My family was not one of those holding political discussions of any kind at the dinner table. My parents always voted, and I was always taught that it was very important to vote, one of our greatest responsibilities. But we didn't really talk about politics. I remember my dad watching certain candidates on TV, but it wasn't really a big thing.

So I've always kept my political opinions to myself, for the most part. I have a hard time talking about them. I certainly have them, very strong opinions, especially about certain social issues (I have no problem talking about those). I have some very strong beliefs; I just have a hard time articulating them before I've totally made up my mind, and often it's very difficult to tell with politicians what is true and what is not true, even when I theoretically like the person.

I have been watching this political season unfold with great interest. I tend to keep my mouth shut until my heart says, "Yes!" or "No!" Until now, it has said, "Wait. Watch. Listen."

And now I feel like I can, as Terri and I call it, "pundit" a little bit.

I feel extremely proud that the Democratic party has presented a strong woman and an inspirational African-American as candidates. I find this inspiring and amazing beyond belief. I voted for Hillary -- not because I thought she would be a far better candidate than Barack Obama (I thought either of them would be great) -- but because I felt that she embodied everything I believe in as a woman, and that was most important to me. She is strong, tough, fights for what she believes in, and has withstood amazing adversity and came out rocking. I think it would have been heart-stopping for a woman in America to become president. Her speech Tuesday night was absolutely fantastic -- she was incredible. She has also handled herself with admirable grace these last few days, and I really think that shows some pretty strong integrity. She didn't win this time, but she opened the door wide for women from here on out and I think that deserves some applause.

I just hadn't made up my mind about Obama. I shied away from his soaring rhetoric, inspirational though it was and is. It didn't hit home for me. I didn't read his book(s). But I wasn't against him -- I just wasn't sure. I certainly wasn't going to vote Republican but my heart just wasn't sure about him. But after watching him speak tonight (and crying my eyes out), I am now firmly in place as an Obama supporter. He is my candidate. I think he will bring good things to Washington. I think he will bring good people there and do his best to change what can be changed, and yes, perhaps even bring some hope to a tired, disillusioned country. I thought his speech was great, and felt very sincere. I feel good about supporting him now. I'm in.

I actually don't know very much about John McCain, but what I've heard, I (mostly) respect. However, every bone in my body is telling me that four more years of an old white man in the White House will pull us further down and depress me personally. I just can't bear to think about it. It's time for something new. I'm on board.

I will now step off my soapbox and head back to the library aisles where I usually dwell. I'm not sure if I'll go so far as to get a bumper sticker (I have never put any sort of bumper sticker on my cars), but I might pull a volunteer shift or two. I'd like to be a part of this amazing, historic time. No matter what, what happened tonight -- the first African-American man accepting the nomination to represent a major party -- is something that I am very proud to have witnessed. Finally. Progress.


stefanie said...

It was an inspiring speech wasn't it? My husband and I both cried a few times. I feel hopeful and that feels good.

kitchenwitch said...

hear hear! (:
I have been so awfully out of touch.. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am hoping I will get to see ya'll at Liz/Joe's 40th b-day parties next month? that would be an unparalleled delight!
p.s. i have been on a tear reading Francesca Lia Block.. my first reading obsession in YEARS. it's really thanks to you for lighting my reading fire again. and now my own writing is improving in leaps and bounds... living proof that these lil blogs here can change lives!!! thank you!!! (: Sasha