Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Life's Little Disappointments

(this is not an image I made, I can't find the credit, but it's not me!)

There are the big disappointments in life, and then there are the little ones. When someone's eaten the last piece of cake. When the perfect pants are available in the size above and below your size, but not your actual size. When that new lipstick turns out to be exactly the wrong shade. And, when your favorite show spins off and takes a great idea and turns it into something embarrassing.

If you've read my blog for long, you'll know that I love the show Ghost Hunters. I won't even try to defend myself; I just love it. I think the guys are funny, I like the quirky homeowners, and I love seeing the 'evidence' they come up with. The show is well-edited and holds my interest even when there isn't much activity happening in a place.

So, when I heard that they would be having a summer spin-off called Ghost Hunters International (visiting the 'most haunted' sites in the world), I was excited. Especially since they would be starting in Europe, with some of the famous haunted castles. I had seen one or two episodes of the original Ghost Hunters where they had some very strange things happen to them in Ireland, so I was really into the idea of this new show.

Except, it's a total bust. They took all the most annoying people from the old show (Donna excluded, I like Donna) and stuck them in these amazing places, where they find... nada. Zilch. Not a headless king nor a clanking suit of armor to be found. The leader guy, who is new, is a total dork. He's so wooden and stiff, I just want cover my eyes whenever he comes on screen. Everyone else is completely idiotic as well. They go to these amazing places (Chillingham Castle, for example) and just bumble their way through it, coming up with completely lame evidence, or nothing at all. It feels so terribly scripted and such a waste of an amazingly cool opportunity. The show is poorly edited; I'm bored within the first 10 minutes.

What a bummer. Ghost Hunters, come back! I know you're on summer holidays but I miss you.

Speaking of ghosts, we have one. Here is my "evidence":
  1. Broken clock
  2. Ultraclogged sink
  3. Broken fridge
  4. Broken shoe
  5. Broken flower pot (this morning)
  6. Monster groaning in the new fridge
  7. I've been waking up at 3 am

Well, maybe not the clogged sink. But even though we have a lovely new fridge, it came with a monster that groans horribly every half hour or so. And this morning I stepped out onto my porch to find one of my herb pots smashed on the doorstep (I won't go into the hows and whys, but it would be very difficult for this particular pot to end up on my doorstep).

Ghostie, please stop breaking my stuff. Really. Monster, have whatever you want to eat in the fridge, just shut that hungry tummy up.

Time to get out my dowsing rods and start practicing, I guess!

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