Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day One

So far, so good.

I woke up and had a big glass of lemon water. Went out and fed some kitties. Came back and climbed back into bed with Terri, and a big glass of green tea.

Read a bunch. Finished Neverwhere. Drank more tea (herbal, this time). Did a minimum of household chores. Took some books down to the garage. Washed the floor. Changed the sheets. Felt okay as long as I didn't work too hard. Got a little shaky but nothing unusual -- I often forget to eat until afternoon on the weekends.

Took a hot-cold shower. Five minutes of hot, hot, hot, then 30 seconds of pure cold water. Repeat three times. Very, er, refreshing! Actually, I liked it a lot and felt nice and awake afterwards.

3:00 pm: Went out and ran some errands. Didn't feel like pushing myself so I just took side streets and drove slowly. That was nice. Felt nice and calm.

4:30-ish: Got home and got back into pajamas. Started feeling a little icky from not eating. Debated whether or not to stick with the fasting (although I had already decided to have a smoothie if I wanted one), then decided against it. Had a smoothie. Rice milk, strawberries, peach, nectarine, half a banana, rice protein powder, fiber supplement. Very thick. Drank it and then felt kind of yucky. The smoothie was very yummy, but I'm not used to having all that fruit at once.

It's now 7 pm. I've had some more lemon water, we watched Project Runway, now we're settling in for some more reading and movies. Not sure if I'll 'eat' anything else today, the smoothie filled me up pretty well. I feel better.

I haven't really wanted to eat anything except slices of that peach (I had one bite). Also, Terri has been crunching rice cakes all day and I am definitely wanting to crunch alongside her. So, I think I can make it another day, but I'm looking forward to my fruit-veggie-rice extravaganza next week. Not eating is boring. However, lounging around in bed all day definitely is a good thing.

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