Monday, April 07, 2008

A Few Thoughts On Vegetables

Oh, vegetables. I love you so much. Here we have two kinds of cabbages, some zucchini, some fennel, some green onions, and a couple apples for good measure. All this was turned into some lovely (but not as flavorful as we'd hoped) curried quinoa, and a cabbage salad (with fennel and apple).

Since the massive ear infection I've been on a protein + veggies diet with very little sugar or starch. I've recently started adding back in whole grains, and since it's kinda that time of the month, a little bit of sugar to try and beat down the PMS cravings. I really don't miss the sugary stuff -- except that I do love to bake. It's a problem. I want to MAKE a big, gooey chocolate cake, but I don't really want to eat much more than a bite or two. What to do? I wish I had a houseful of teenage boys... next door. I could just drop it off on the front porch and watch it be demolished.

Oh well. I'm really enjoying our weekly deliveries of organic produce; I've become somewhat addicted to large quantities of sauteed greens of all sorts. I'm having fun figuring out how to prepare unusual veggies (like fennel) and although I haven't noticed a huge increase in energy, I have noticed that my mood isn't crashing in the afternoon (except during said time of the month). I'll take it.

Brother is coming this week and I'm sure we'll have cooking and eating adventures. I can't wait. Tonight we're having artichokes, a favorite. Vegetables, you have a home here in our home. We love you.

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