Friday, April 25, 2008

Book: Reliquary

(oops, meant to post this last night!)
What, you thought I could resist the sequel to The Relic?

While I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as The Relic, both are worthy brain-candy reads. The only reason I didn't enjoy it as much was because this one was a little heavier on the police-thriller genre and a little lighter on the monster-genre. I prefer monsters to police. What? Call me Anita.

Anyway. That aside, Reliquary was actually really interesting since much of the action takes place under Manhattan, in the deep unmapped tunnels that exist under the city. Here there is an entire society of people who have made their homes here ("moles") -- the homeless, the outcast, criminals, and... worse. Lately there have been grisly murders surfacing, suspiciously following the MO of the Museum Beast: cut off head, suck out brain, next.

Like I said, a little heavy on the police-thriller stuff, but still fun and full of interesting semi-facts about what's under Manhattan (plus an informative endnote about what really is under Manhattan). All our favorite characters are back... this time forced to fight and run for their lives in the methane- and ammonia-filled tunnels 6 or 7 (or deeper) stories under the ground. Claustrophobia, anyone?

While it is lighter on the monsters, there are still monsters present. Or rather, monstrosities. Evil, hyper-aggressive, and legion. What they are and how they got that way is the sci-fi sidestory, which gets a little kooky about 3/4 into the book. The whole story/structure gets a little iffy around that point... the 'science' is a little hard to buy into. The twist at the very end is similarly a bit hard to swallow. Kind of an eye-roller.

However, that said, well-written (for what it is) and moves along at a nice pace, with some really interesting information about 'mole people' and Manhattan history. Not very scary, but fun to read. I'll keep going with these authors since Terri says some of the other books are really good as well. But now we have PILES of books (for Terri's 'store') and have set aside a big pile for us to read before selling. Have I mentioned before how much I love books?

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