Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Under The Weather, Guilty Pleasures

Chicken Pot Pie... a recent guilty pleasure
(picked out and didn't eat the chicken, but I can't resist the crust...)

Been a little under the weather the last few days. You know when normal life is just too much to handle? Yeah, like that. It took me four hours to read four pages in my textbook last night. Sigh.

But I have my new clearance-sale slouchy art-lady sweater on ($14 for a $60 sweater!), a little kitty on my lap, no class tomorrow night and a NEW GHOST HUNTERS on TV tonight. Life, after all, is not so bad.

I'll write more when I can think coherently again. Hopefully that will be tomorrow. Or the next day. Also, it's time for spring photos!

In the meantime, five little things I'm grateful for today:
  1. That when my debit card didn't go through at the grocery store, it really was the store's error.
  2. Buffalo-milk yogurt (maple flavor -- yum)
  3. Big, comfy, unflattering slouchy art lady sweater with gigantic cowl neckline
  4. Roasted beets and balsamic vinegar
  5. A triple-treat of bad TV: the makeover ANTM episode, a new Ghost Hunters, and the Project Runway finale. I know I should feel ashamed of so much reality-show indulgence, but I don't. I love every minute of these three shows!!!

I hope you're somewhere cozy, wearing something comfy, surrounded by your lovelies.

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