Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break

The lilacs have started blooming! I love lilacs. I like most purple flowers, as a rule. Violets, violas, irises, pansies... and yellow flowers, too... daffodils, marigolds, yellow pansies... oh, and I guess I like pink flowers too. But yes, definitely purple flowers, particularly in spring.

It's spring break, which means I have a week off from class. Yay! I meant to spend it studying, but each evening I keep getting distracted and then it's 8:30 and everyone knows that 8:30 is way too late to start studying (especially on spring break), so I haven't done any yet. However, tonight's the night. Errands, a little walk (still not back to full strength from the infection), then some studying. Oh yeah, and dinner, in there somewhere.

I wish I had thought of spending the whole week madly catching up on my reading list, but I got sucked into catching up on magazines and my long-awaited copy of The Face In The Frost (review soon! I'll finish the book tonight!). But Saturday is Library Day and I have a whole list of books to get. I have a business trip next week (lots of time to read on the plane) so I'll get my fill in then.

I haven't had much to say lately. Brain has been full of school and work and not much else. I'm having trouble coming up with dinner, much less Deep Thoughts.

However, will attempt to take a few photos every day. I've just been a big blank lately, but maybe the camera will capture something I can't seem to pull from my overwhelmed depths.

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