Thursday, March 13, 2008

5 Things: Food Facts Meme

Fact: I like food. Fact: I like lists. Hence: this list (also known as a meme. What IS a meme??)
  1. My favorite breakfast is this kind of open-faced sandwich thing we had in Finland. Chewy rye bread (lightly toasted) with butter, thinly sliced cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and maybe some makara. Now, why did I gain 20 pounds there? If I am honest, I like this breakfast much better than any sweet, bready breakfast treat we have here. I should eat this more often. Gotta find that bread.
  2. My favorite lunch is any lunch, out. I think I like going out to lunch more than I like going out to dinner. I love the idea of shopping all day, with a relaxed lunch out. I like going out to lunch at work. I like going out to lunch with friends. It doesn't matter where. I just like going out, and I like lunch foods: salads, soups, light pastas, light entrees, the occasional sandwich.
  3. I like to cook dinner but I would be very happy eating my main meal at lunch and then just eating some soup or toast or something for dinner. Somehow I never manage to do this, but I think I would be happier if I did. Especially if I could eat that lunch out.
  4. I very much like the following things: cheese of all kinds, vegetables of all kinds prepared in any sort of way, soups, hearty fresh bread, baked pasta dishes or anything with a crust, biscuits, Greek-style yogurt with honey and figs, fresh pineapple, karalian pies, and definitely sticky buns over cinnamon rolls, no nuts, definitely.
  5. I am the sort of person who will read cookbooks in bed. I am also the sort of person who will choose a random recipe and make it just to see what it tastes like, all the better if it uses random ingredients I've never heard of (as long as these do not include any sort of offal or seafood). I also like strange candies. I don't know why all these things are connected in my head, but they are.

Ear update: Better. I had the highest level of infection that the tests will read! My goodness. No wonder it's taken a week to get over it. I'm on antibiotics, probiotics, anti-fungal herbs, immune-boosting herbs, and an anti-yeast diet (for a little while). So no hearty breads or sticky buns for me for awhile. But all the veggies I can eat!

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