Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Brain Hurts

(it will have to come out!)

Yuck. Hard class tonight. I just felt like crying. I understood the concepts when I read the book, but then I got so confused in class and it just didn't make sense at all. I think the problem was that I had too many questions (in scope) for what the class was covering -- I was making it harder than it needed to be. I've had this problem before.

Anyway, the net result is that I felt frustrated and thick and like all I wanted to do was quit the class because who am I to take this class anyway?

So, my remedy is this: eat a couple pieces of Terri's fresh-baked bread (did I mention how great she is??), try to forget about class for the evening and read some more 'Salem's Lot, and try again tomorrow with the studying.

Too much on my mind.

However, the book is good. I have too many good books stacked up right now, I have to hop to it and get them read! I'm anxious to talk about Stephen King's writing, I haven't read any of his books (good ones, anyway) in a long time and I'm really enjoying his writing. It's comfortable and also deeply uncomfortable.

Not much else going on right now: school, work, health puzzles, trying to remember to run (train). And reading. Busy but boring (to write about).


Kate said...

Mmmm...'Salem's Lot. I haven't read that in so long but I'm on such a suspense-streak right now (up to and including seeing "The Orphanage" [Spanish ghosty-scary film] last night) I may have to dig out my old paperback...what inspiration!

Kate said...

And keep chugging with your class! Selfish of me not to mention it. I'm sure it's all ok. Breathe deep.