Thursday, February 07, 2008

In Which Apparently I Do Well

any way you look at it, it's still an "A"

Well, we got our tests back. I got a 90%. I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment -- because I'm a silly first-born overachiever (at school, anyway) and a good grade to me would have been at least a 94% or 96%. Anything over 97% is really good. 90% is acceptable. At least I don't have high standards for myself or anything.

However, considering that most of the class got a C or below (with a good portion failing), I guess I should ease up a little and just go with it. I got an A!


But what's good about getting first tests back is that now you know how the tests are set up, and how to study. You know what to expect. He said he considered this an easy test. Yikes. Guess I'd better really put my nose to the (text)book.

Then we looked at blood under the microscope. Pig blood and also human blood -- fresh from one of my lab partners. I would have volunteered but she was all ready to donate. (whew) Little dots on the slide, no biggie. Class was a little chaotic. And stinky. Blood stinks, by the way.

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Jen Ballantyne said...

Dear Daphne, I am here to say thank you for your kind supportive comment on my blog, I really appreciate you coming by. I must say I love the look of your site here, I'll be back to take a closer look. By the way, congratulations on the exam result, I know how you feel about the mark, I used to be the same at school, too hard on myself - you to huh? Anyway take care and thanks again. Jen B.