Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Which There Is Much Silliness

The trip to Oregon was so much fun... I was totally exhausted when I got home. But, much fun was had by everyone. And much silliness.

Madeline, at lunch in Woodburn, age 7.
Erin, her girls and I went to my Dad's, the house I grew up in. He has his little homestead farm there. Including chickens.

The inside of the house is almost exactly the same every time. I love, love, love wood-stove heat. If I could heat our apartment with a wood stove, I would.

Brother Matt and Abigail (age 4 1/2) watch The Dark Crystal as dinner is being made.

Many wonderful gifts were exchanged. Matt gave Yvonne (my dad's girlfriend) a huge basket of chocolate. Somebody could not help themselves, and helped themselves.

As if gigantic baskets of chocolate were not enough, then we had banana splits. With cherries on top, of course!

My dad loves ice cream.

After all the sweets, it was time to burn off some energy.
First I attempted to 'fly' Abigail.

Then Matt "flew" me.

And finally, I "flew" my six-foot-four brother. Badly.

The next day, Erin's girls showed off their artistic talents.
Madeline played the violin for me:

And Abigail danced.

It does not get much cuter than a room full of tiny ballerinas.

Then we went out to my old favorite coffeehouse, The Beanery on Second Street in Corvallis. I came here all the time in high school and college. It's what all other coffeehouses are measured against.

The next day we all headed up to Tillamook County to see my mom and her fiancee Jim. First we all stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour and some ice cream.
Somebody was very popular.

Then we went to the beach to throw some sticks around and get dirty.

Who doesn't love a big stick?

My brother Matt, my Mom, and me, on a chilly day at the beach.

At Mom's, it was time for MORE Christmas. Abigail 'made' lots of gifts for us. Mostly consisting of interestingly folded paper.

"Don't peek!" she says. Mom wasn't peeking.

Another lovely late holiday, with kids and family and loved ones.

It was great, and now I'm super-tired.

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sasha said...

what a super-sweet documentary fo your trip!!! i can almost feel that wood stove and taste that chocolate....