Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fresh Petals

I've been thinking lately about clothes. Yes, beware, it's a really deep, thought-provoking post.

Specifically, my own style. I have moved in and out of having 'a style' over the years. Middle school: no. High school: yes. College: no. First few years of living in CA: sort of. Middle years: moreso. Currently: kind of. I would like to move this into the 'yes' category.

I look in my closet and I mostly like what I see. Last year I focused on finding trousers that fit. I got quite a few pair. I now feel fairly 'set' for trousers, although I could use a couple more pair of black or gray pants. I had also found a cut of Banana Republic button-up shirt that fit well, so I bought it in every color I could find. Same with cotton sweaters.

And now, I am completely bored with it all. Why? Because they are all the same cut, and they are all solid colors.

Many style gurus recommend a 'uniform' for the work week. I'm all for it -- but I'm bored stiff by my current uniform. Time for a change.

But how? Unlike guests on What Not To Wear, I do not have $5000 at my disposal for new clothes. However, I can plan for what I want to change, on the occasions that I have the means.

My new style: softer, prettier, more 'arty' and less 'business', but still work-appropriate. A little sassier, a little less safe (read: boring). Fun, pretty, arty, less practical. Yes.
  • Sweaters: I want to get rid of most of the V-necks I have. They are stretched out and boring. I would like some new shapes and bolder colors. Unfortunately they have to be made in only cotton or silk -- I can't even stand cashmere (unless it's over a shirt). Not like cashmere is really an option. But, you know. I guess even soft acrylic is OK sometimes.
  • Shirts: No more suit-shirts. I have plenty. I would like more feminine blouses, prettier colors and fabrics. I need structure, but not stiffness.
  • Pants: One or two more good pairs of black trousers, a pair of good brown or camel ones (I have brown, but they have a green stripe that makes it hard to match), and defintely some trouser jeans.
  • Skirts: I love skirts. I would like to wear more skirts. I have some pretty ones already. But in order to wear more skirts (especially in winter) I need...
  • Boots: At least one pair of boots for wearing with skirts.
  • Accessories: I am completely bored with most of my jewelry (favorites and antiques aside). I need to either make or seek out new jewelry. I love vintage (or faux vintage), so maybe that is where I should focus.

As for the the how, I think it's time to get creative. First, do a complete closet assessment. Second, make a list of new items to search for. Third, do research on where to shop (SF consignment stores, H&M, outlets, etc.) Fourth, carve out time for shopping. Fifth, remember how to sew.

Also, thrift stores for fun, funky jewelry.

That's one thing I'd like to focus on this year. A wardrobe change. A creative wardrobe change.

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sasha said...

i love this post. i am not the only one who gets really into my closet!!! hooray!!!! since i don't have ANY budget for clothes, i concentrate on finding.getting what i want for FREE... you'd be shocked at how well this works. a friend of a friend will be cleaning out the closet and be just my size..... i am currently bored by not only my "uniform" but by my special clothes. it's serious, i'm telling you. i am gonna need a lot of friends of friends closets for this one.