Saturday, December 15, 2007

x365: Erin

Erin, Erna, Ern... whatever I call her, I still mean the same thing: my bestest friend in da whoooollllee wiiiiiiidddeee wooooooorrrrrrrrld. (sorry, inside joke). My BFF. My homegirl. My chica. My Frieda, my Marie. We've known each other pretty much our entire lives. We were in Kindergarten together (her mom taught the class next door). We were competitors most of our younger school days, always vying for top position in class. In high school, we had a few classes together and slowly it dawned on us: This person is just about the most awesomest person ever! And ever since a near-disasterous Driver's Ed class, we've been each others closest friend. I love Erin soooooo much. Funny, smart, sensitive, clever, talented... she's da bomb. I can't express how much it means to me to know that I will always, always have Erin as my friend. We are committed to this friendship. What a gift -- I fully realize how rare and wonderful this kind of friendship is. Wahoo! Friends rock.

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