Thursday, December 06, 2007


More evening walk photos from Terri..
Water, water, everywhere... finally. I am as happy as a fish in the sea with all the wet stuff coming down. Cozy, cozy.

Last night's dinner was a bit of a failure. Beets = good. Everything else = so-so. Or just plain bad. However, Martha's recipe for hot chocolate almond milk was a big hit.
Thinking some more about yesterday's post about scaling things back, I considered how much I don't do because I overwhelm myself.

For instance, all the sewing projects I don't do because I have to do them perfectly and if I make one set of curtains I might as well make four. All the art I don't make because it has to be framable or sellable (not that I sell any of my art, but you see where this is going...). All the recipes I don't make because who's going to eat all that?

But in the spirit of being kind to myself, here is what I do ENOUGH of:
  • I cook almost every single day, almost every single dinner.
  • I hand-make everything that I feel able to (curtains, crafts, etc.)
  • I always have a book that I am reading, and I read almost every night.
  • I take photos almost every day.
  • I give love with an abundance.
  • I exercise enough that I am healthy.
  • I sleep at least 7 or 8 hours pretty much every night.
  • I do a good job at work and people like me (gosh darnit).
  • I am a good friend.

Almost-every is good enough in most cases. Almost every case.


daisies said...

mmmm ~ i love chocolate almond milk, sooo good!

i overwhelm myself too, its easy to do but it sounds like you manage to do a whole lot in spite of that :)

D'Arcy said...

I like you, gosh darnit!

Now that I have a space for crafting (see my blog) I'm hoping to start making stuff too. I'll keep you updated on the success or lack thereof of that enterprise. Like you, I tend to put it off because it might not be perfect. Darn Virgo tendencies!!