Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cup Runneth Over

Teatime at Adagia, in Berkeley...

Today was a very full day. Lots and lots of kitties, presents, food, people, and driving. Most of it very good. Terri gave me some extremely lovely gifts, including a beautiful cherry-blossom pendant and some awesome new L-rods for dowsing, and a beautiful locket. She LOVES her iPod that my brother and I gave her. She is happily tech-ing away on the couch.

Terri's father gave us his complete set of All-Clad cookware (too heavy for arthritic hands). I cannot believe our good fortune at this gift; I never thought I would ever get to cook with such lovely cookware. Seriously. Pasta pot and strainer, two frying pans, a deep skillet, two sauce pans, and lids. I packed up all my old pots and pans; they will live in the garage while we determine what we need and don't need. So generous of him, I'm still sort of stunned!

The kitties got new catnip toys and are now sacked out on the bed.

Everyone is tired, full, happy and at rest. Merry, merry.

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