Friday, November 02, 2007

Stopping and Starting and Stopping and Starting

I got to work early this morning. Alameda was covered in a beautiful fog, so I went out back to the harbor (I work right near a local harbor on the estuary between Oakland and Alameda) and took some photos. It was so peaceful -- I'm reminded/inspired to get up early and take photos more often. The light is lovely, even in a thick fog.

Speaking of thick fogs, I have been so tired lately. I've been complaining about this a lot. I'm trying to do something about it... I went to the gym on Tuesday, and I'm trying to go this weekend. If I go twice a week I'll consider myself a success. We've been juicing vegetables... although the last two days I haven't had time to do it in the morning, so I've had them in the evening. Terri's got a plan to help me have all the veggies ready to go so it's quicker for me in the morning. We're making homemade bread (which, interestingly, doesn't seem to hurt my tummy as much).

** Can I just take a moment here to appreciate the bread machine? Lovely, generous Shea passed hers along to us, and we are quickly falling head over heels for it. It's like magic: you just put everything into the bread pan, and push start. You hardly even have to wash the pan when it's done. I like making homemade bread the 'old-fashioned way' but there's sticky bowls and floury countertops and finicky ovens and moisture in the air and yeast that won't rise... talk about taking stress out of an operation. And it makes just enough for one or two days - the loaves are sort of squat, so they are small enough not to get stale. Oh, and the best part? You can set it up so that you have fresh, hot bread first thing in the morning. Come on! What's not to love? Tonight maybe I'll try a cinnamon bread to have ready for tomorrow morning. **

OK, back to the health stuff. The point is, we're trying. Change is hard, even when you really want to change. And when there's no immediate payoff. In fact, in the case of the gym, I ended up with a stiff neck all week. But I know I have to keep going back if I want to get my energy back, if I want to stay strong and healthy. I'm tired of being tired.

In the next two months, I'm going to focus on health and creativity. And enjoying the holidays with low-stress. We need some joy around here, and stress-free holidays sound like a good way to encourage it.

One loaf of bread, one cup of green juice, one creative project at a time.

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