Friday, November 30, 2007

Seven Weird Things

Apparently I have every pen color of the rainbow at my desk...

(I love doing these things but everyone I'd tag has already been tagged for this at some point... so here's my list. I was tagged by Shea, whose blog you should check out!!)

  1. I have friend insecurity. Not real bad, just a little bit but-I-like-you-so-much-I-want-you-to-like-me-too kind of friend. I'm always afraid that I'm going to be discarded at some point. "Well, I thought I liked you, but actually, now I think you're dumb." And I'll be all, "But I thought we were friends!!" Apparently this part of my psyche hasn't grown up past fourth grade.
  2. I like to eat frozen peas. Not buckets of them, just a few. Like when I'm pouring the frozen peas into the steamer or whatever, I'll pop a few in my mouth. They are so good. There was a cutting board at our house when I was growing up that had three or four little burn divots that were the perfect size to line up a few frozen peas. I would line them up, and then eat them one by one.
  3. I cannot NOT see typos in emails, flyers, menus, etc. It's a little bit obsessive. I've tried to curb this obsession. When I reread my posts on this blog, if I see an error, sometimes I will force myself to just let it stay there. Otherwise I will start obsessively looking at all my old posts to make sure there aren't any typos. Now that's a good use of my time.
  4. I have a small slightly raised mole on one side of my nose that people used to ask about all the time. "Do you have a nose piercing?" They were always disappointed that I didn't. Now that I DO have a piercing on that side, no one notices the mole any more. Mission accomplished.
  5. My dad used to get this one kind of car oil that came in a box that was the perfect size and shape to be a Barbie shower stall. Often this car oil box will pop into my mind. It had some kind of mesmerizing 70s graphic on the side that I can't seem to forget about. No matter how much I try.
  6. I have almost all my random art/craft supplies catalogued in my head. As in, I'll be working on a project and all of a sudden I'll think to myself, "You know what this needs... giant red sequins!" and I'll remember that I have a small packet of giant red sequins in that blue art box in the bottom part of the bin, right next to the sea green marker that I don't use very much but I love, and also the ancient star-shaped rubber stamp that comes in handy every so often. The recent exception to this was my creasing tool. I thought it was long gone, but then I found it again when I cleaned out the art closet. O Happy Day! My creaser!
  7. My very favorite pizza in all the world is artichoke heart and fresh garlic from American Dream Pizza in Corvallis, OR. That's not exactly weird (because it is incredible pizza) but it sounds really good right now and I can't think of anything else weird.

Well, that was fun. Aren't you glad you spent the last five minutes reading that?

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Shea said...

I am glad I spent the last five minutes reading that! More than that, I am glad that you were so attentive to Barbie's showering needs that you were scouting for shower stall accessories. Cute. :)