Thursday, November 15, 2007

Seeing Stars

Yesterday, I was inexplicably in an excellent mood. I could have skipped through the day. Today, not so much. However, my mood greatly improved once I left work early.

I came home and cleaned my whole house. Put stuff away, washed the floor, changed the sheets, etc. Then I decided to go to Michaels to look for the instructions on how to make those cute paper stars. On the way there, I listened to "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" three times in a row, singing the whole way. I kept the headphones on once I got in the store. Sometimes I feel like being in my own world. It's like having my own soundtrack, as D'Arcy mentioned. I got the instructions and some clearance MS wrapping paper (to use for the crafts). Then I decided to go to IKEA to look for curtains for the kitchen and art room.

I got to IKEA, and, in an unexpected twist, saw my cousin Susan and her son. We chatted for a few minutes and then I went into the store (headphones still on). Once I got to the curtains, I totally lost focus. I couldn't figure out what I wanted. Eventually I didn't get any, and moved on. I got MORE wrapping paper (this time, for wrapping gifts, to coordinate with the paper stars). I almost made it out with only the wrapping paper. And then I saw the sparkling stars.

I love stars. They are my favorite shape. So when I saw rows upon rows of gleaming star streamers, I could not resist. I bought three boxes. Plus some red ones. Plus some purple mini-lights.

And now the art room is spangled. As is the kitchen and living room.

I like them way better than any of the curtains I saw. This weekend I'll go shopping for fabric and just make a swag or something. I don't really want curtains, just some color. To go with the stars.

It really feels good to have that little room taking shape. I want it to be just a little bit magical, so that when you go in, you want to stay. It already has good energy. I want it to be beautiful, too. I am always afraid of investing too much heart into a space because I don't want to fall in love with it and then have to give it up when we move. But we'll be here for awhile. So I may as well create the space I want.

I can see the glow of the stars from the bed. It's very cozy. And just a little bit magical.

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daisies said...

i heart your stars ... so pretty. i have dragonflies and on a recent trip picked up purple jewels which i wound up a tall lamp pole, so pretty ... :)