Wednesday, November 21, 2007


One of my favorite books as a younger girl was Little Women. The long version. I read it every summer, sometimes twice. I still have favorite passages.

One is the Christmas that Father came home. He discovered that his girls had grown up and been doing good with their time, while he was away.

"And taking up the hand which lay on the arm of his chair, he pointed to the roughened forefinger, a burn on the back, and two or three little hard spots on the palm. "I remember a time when this hand was white and smooth, and your first care was to keep it so. It was very pretty then, but to me it is much prettier now, for in these seeming blemishes I read a little history. A burnt offering has been made to vanity, this hardened palm has earned something better than blisters, and I'm sure the sewing done by these pricked fingers will last a long time, so much good will went into the stitches. Meg, my dear, I value the womanly skill which keeps home happy more than white hands or fashionable accomplishments. I'm proud to shake this good, industrious little hand, and hope I shall not soon be asked to give it away."

If Meg had wanted a reward for hours of patient labor, she received it in the hearty pressure of her father's hand and the approving smile he gave her."

I've been very industrious today, and will also be tomorrow. Cooking, cleaning, mending... all the small housewifely arts that make a house a home.

Winter (such as we have here in Northern California) is drawing near, and with it I feel myself wanting to stay close at home. I bought a Bon Appetit magazine today, full of fancy desserts and warm meals. We don't eat very much at our house but my coworkers are sure to appreciate any leftover desserts that I may have laying around. And warm meals are welcome in my lunchbox any time.

No turkey for us tomorrow. However, a perfect cheesecake, a lemon meringue pie, and vegetable sides will keep us happy and cozy. We've been invited to a couple neighborhood get-togethers, which we may or may not attend later in the day. I think a walk by the water will take place, perhaps early, with my camera. I have kitties to check on, and potatoes to bake. A quiet Thanksgiving, full of busy hands and warm hearts.

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