Friday, November 09, 2007

And Now, For Something Completely Different

My neighbor's front porch.
Allrighty. How do these people who blog every day find stuff to talk about? They must be very, very creative people. I am a creative person, but I am also a preoccupied creative person.

Therefore: A Friday List!
10 Things I Never Get Tired Of Doing
  1. Reading a good book. Or just about any kind of book.
  2. Hanging out with Miss T.
  3. Going to Long's with Shea.
  4. Talking to/with Erin. Going on 18 years of BFFs!
  5. Fiddling around with art supplies.
  6. Book shopping. Or art supply shopping.
  7. Camping/exploring outdoors.
  8. Taking photos.
  9. Looking through cookbooks (notice I didn't say "cooking")
  10. Trying new restaurants.

I notice a theme. Books, books, and more books, of any kind. Also, art. And good friends, and my sweetie.

Now there, my friends, is a good life. Books, art, friends, and the best sweetie in the world.

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