Sunday, December 03, 2006

Post-Craft Show Update (a short one)

I'm pretty tuckered today, so this won't be a full report. BUT, overall, the show was a grand success, mostly because I: a) made a new friend and b) sold some stuff and c) had a great time. Didn't make very much in dollars, but I did get some great trades (especially with my new friend!), and I got my hand read and my tarot cards read (and my numbers, as in numerology). There wasn't much foot traffic, and people weren't really in a buying mood (probably because they just came in incidentally, not really 'to shop', since this was the first year and people didn't really know about it). But, I did sell a few things and got really good responses from everyone. So I'm looking forward to next weekend's little show off Webster, and we'll do a final report after that.

BUT, the good stuff! I made a new friend! Her name is Brandy and she's a sculptor. Check out her cool stuff here: She makes really neat raku-fired pieces and some fine-art stuff, and has had her art shown in some galleries. I loved her pieces, and we had a lot in common and I think were equally delighted at finding a new friend in each other. I love it when that happens. So I might go over to her studio sometime and mess around with clay; haven't done that in a long time.

Also good: my hand reading reinforced what I had heard before, that I'm meant to be a Big Shot Businesswoman in the arts. She said, "Think big. Think Donald Trump. Think money. That's what you're meant to do." Hey, I'll take it. And that I'll have to work a little to put myself in the spotlight, becuase I'm not naturally a spotlight type person. And that I can do a lot of things very well, and that I need to make sure I'm mostly doing them for me, not because I think I have to. All stuff I either have heard or knew already, but good stuff! And then I had my numbers and cards read. Again, very good: basically she said that this is my year to plan out my next five or ten years, because what I ask for, will happen. I need to do a detailed five-and-ten year plan and be very careful that it's what I want, because according to the cards and my number, right now, whatever I want, I'll get.

Now really, can it get better than that? I actually started crying a little because I was so moved by this good fortune. I've never felt like I could actually use my power for my own good, but something has shifted in the last six months and now I really do think I can. It's a scary, crazy feeling for someone like me! But I'm going to go for it, there's no way I"m going to waste all these good predictions!

So. Overall, a really good couple of days. And, as a bonus, Nicki and Terri and Julia came to see me! I was so surprised and touched that Julia came. Thanks, friend!!

Pictures to come. Display was cute. Needs a little tweaking if I'm going to do it next year, but it was fine. Thoughts on doing it next year: it all depends, but it was a great experience and lots of fun. So, probably. And, I'm going to do some cards, too.

OK. Time to wind down (I cooked this morning and then made some cookie dough for later today) and rest for a bit. I'm going to reward myself by not doing any house work (besides dishes). Well, maybe just sweeping. But that's IT.

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Julia said...

You're welcome! I'm so glad I could get away to come see & support. I truly do love your jewelry (and all the other artsy goodness you do too)!