Monday, December 18, 2006

Made With Love

Again, I’ve just been so busy lately. However. Today I was thinking about crafting, and how much work it is to hand-make so many gifts. But then I think, I really *do* enjoy making things for people, and I’d much rather give something that I took time to make. I know some of my projects will end up being recycled back to the thrift store (or garbage), but I’m glad to be putting the effort out there in the world. It keeps me linked to the kind of person I want to be, and the kind of life I want to have. The kind of life I *do* have, in fact.

But then, there’s also something to be said for giving someone the exact thing they’d like, even if you buy it. For instance, my mom found out from Matt’s girlfriend this expensive backpack that he really wanted. So we bought it for him. He LOVED it. Mom said he just lit right up. He called me and was so happy and sweet. I also gave Shea her Christmas gift: two self-inking stamps, one with her name and one with her business name, both in her special font. She was so thrilled! Another perfect marriage of gift and recipient. I’m not always the best at coming up with the ‘perfect’ gift but sometimes I do, and that’s always fun, too.

I’ve been reading a lot about ‘buying handmade’ for Christmas, and what it means to spend the extra money on hand-made socks or dolls or whatnot. You’re not just buying a pair of socks (or jewelry, for that matter). You’re supporting someone’s dreams, encouraging them on their creative journey, and adding back to the pot of good spirits. I haven’t actually bought much this year, but next year I will definitely buy handmade when possible. And, um, start hand-making my own things, MUCH earlier. I’m not sure what happened this year. The past month has been an absolute whirlwind.

Oh, so what the psychic said. Basically, she said that in my past life, I was a very glamorous, successful dress designer with my own salon and my own high society New York customers, in the 1920s and 30s. Which is my favorite timeperiod in history, style-wise. And that I’m destined to continue these Art Deco-influenced designs in my jewelry, and that I will be *very* successful with this venture. Also that I have a spirit guide named Gloria, who was my partner in my previous life, and that my great-great uncle Bill is watching over me. Oh, and that Terri and I will buy a ’38 Buick someday.

But the part about the very successful jewelry business sounds good to me. She (or Spirit) recommended that I join the Art Deco Society. Which is worth looking into. So, definitely bright spots on the horizon, from the spirit world. She said some other stuff, but mostly focused on this jewelry business stuff and my past life. Apparently I was very, very well-connected. Of course! I wouldn’t have expected anything less from my past life.

It’s funny to think that *this* life might be a ‘past life’ for someone (I guess that would be me, wouldn’t it?) in the future. That puts a whole other spin on things. What kind of ‘past life’ would I like to be/am I creating? Seems like I should throw in some good stuff for the future me to chuckle and marvel over.

Anyway. This week is more crafting, but it will be good. I’ll craft and watch Christmas specials, and get everything all set. I have lots of wrapping and such to do. I have some plans with friends on the weekend, but I do hope to have plenty of time to peacefully and joyfully wrap, bake cookies, and enjoy my little family and this special time. We’re not in love with our house, but our house is full of love, and someday we will look back and remember this Christmas. I'd like it to be with fondness (of a sort).

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