Monday, August 14, 2006

Report From The Acupuncturist

Home today, fighting off a cold or something. Luckily had a visit with John Nieters, my acupuncturist/TCM. I love him. It was a good visit. I'm doing okay, but he said that I definitely needed a little balancing. My 'heart' and 'kidney' are all out of balance, resulting in some anxiety and disconnect. A couple of my pulses are 'frayed'. And my actual heart is doing it's thing. Plus just general low energy all around. So, had some nice relaxing acupuncture, got some herbs, and I'll go back in two weeks and see how I'm doing then. In the meantime, I'm supposed to take it easy, keep my stress low, take my herbs, eat lightly (eat lots of watermelon!?), do lots of deep belly breathing, etc. Continue taking care of myself so I don't head down that slippery slope of exhaustion/anxiety.

Thankfully, none of this is too bad, and I should be fine soon. And, Erin is coming to visit next week, which will be great fun. And, I have two big pet-sitting jobs coming up, which means a little extra $$. I've been doing lots of research on business stuff, and this Thursday I have a meeting with SCORE (East Bay business-help center) to find out all the legalities of what I need. I'm excited. I'm all ready to get my license, get a resale #, open a business bank account, and start seeing what I can do. I'll make some modest goals and have fun with it.

Fun Fact: Jody Coyote, one of my favorite jewelry brands, started as a small jewelry table at the Eugene Saturday Market, and is now a multi-million dollar company.

Hey, it could happen! One of my goals for this year is to have my jewelry in three shops for Christmas sales. I have to figure out what the consignment/retail pricing structure is and if it's worth it, but it all sounds like fun. If nothing else, it would fulfill a long-time dream of mine to have my art for sale in a public space.

Feeling a little low today. Probably just the ebb and flow of daily life. Terri mentioned that my little mouse house fairy cottage is for sale, just down the road. Oh, how I wish it were big enough for all of us. I would FIND A WAY to make an offer on it in a heartbeat. If it were a two-bedroom with a large-ish yard, I would find a way to make it ours. I almost don't want to walk down and look at it. However, it's bargain-priced at $350,000. For a studio cottage with no yard. Crazy Bay Area real estate.

I'm hoping to have the bones of a jewelry website up by my birthday (Sept. 15). I want people to be able to order online. I need lots of pretty photos and some great text. Fun homework.

Other random aside: after weeks of hating my hair, this morning (before I took a shower) I was pretty sure I was going to chop it off again. And then, of course, like clockwork, I have a Good Hair Day. On my sick-day at home, but still. So, I'll let it grow some more. Get some brighter color, grow out the bangs, let the whole thing get a few inches longer. I'm sure it will be happy then. Or else!

Allrighty. Time for some more napping and beadwork and reading. Here's to Zicam and TCM! I'm feeling a lot better than I was this morning.

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