Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ten Bits

1. How have I not read Jonathan Carroll before? And, he has lots of books!

2. The Oakland library system is wonderful. I had no idea. You can request a book online, and they will have it ready for you at the branch of your choice! My branch is just down the street! I spent over an hour last night making a list of books to request/find. I was amazed at how many books which I wanted, they had in stock. I'm used to little Alameda library. There *are* benefits to moving to the big city!

3. I cannot express how much I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

4. Apparently a good cry must be had at least once daily right now. Bring on the Kleenex.

5. I love our new couch but the cushions slide out easily. This is annoying. Perhaps Velcro is in order? Time to get out the glue gun!

6. I love sushi rice. And mangoes.

7. The cats have not yet figured out that they can watch the streetlife from our living room. They only hop up to their perch at night. I think they're scared, actually. Fraidy cats.

8. This is the best soup ever.

9. New haircut is good, I think. Needs color. Color is happening tomorrow.

10. I feel somewhat better today but obviously it's going to be a long road to feeling "fine" again. More naps, more vegetables, and lots more reading are definitely in order.


Nymeth said...

yay for a good library system. I hope you find lots of great books :)

And Carroll is great, isn't it? I've only read two of his books so far, but both were very unique and very good.

Daphne said...

I'm reading Land of Laughs and things are just starting to get strange... I do hope that I end up loving the book! So far, so good...