Friday, January 02, 2009

Health Update: So How Are We Doing Now?

I realized I haven't posted an update since we've moved, about Terri's health (or mine).

(been too busy being grouchy for that)

So, let's see.

After a glorious two days of having energy immediately after we moved, Terri has become increasingly stuporiously exhausted. My take on this (echoed by some other folks Terri is in touch with who have gone through this) is that this is actually a good sign. Before we moved, she had a terrible agitated exhaustion -- could NOT settle down, no matter what. Now, she is just plain old exhausted. Like-you've-been-drugged exhausted. She is also having various other different symptoms. Again, I think this might actually be a good sign. Whether it's her body detoxifying, or adjusting to no mold, or what, different seems good. As for the exhaustion, I think that's her body finally getting a chance to rest (plus the illness). Stress and mold and moving and toe surgery/infection and grief over doctor dying and a little cold virus = real, real tired. I am thinking that we'll both be pretty tired for a few weeks.

She's been complaining of tinnitus for the last few days, which is interesting because I also have been noticing more tinnitus. I usually have it to some degree (bad ears) but it's strange that we're both having it. I am noticing a range of mild symptoms (plus big exhaustion). Today, for instance, I am breaking out in a faint tingling sweat over and over, especially on my face. I am mildly allergic to some citrus, and it feels exactly like that. But I haven't had any citrus.

Of course I'm exhausted and irritable and have a very short fuse. That seems understandable.

We have a fantastic air filter in our bedroom now, and I tell you what, it is making a huge difference. I am sleeping VERY soundly, and am not having allergies. I also don't feel the strange otherworldliness that I was at the other apartment. So I think that's helping. I'm also not coughing up junk or wheezing any more. Also good signs!

So, basically, nothing major, but some minor changes. I am thinking that we are both completely wiped out and will be for another few weeks at least. This doesn't feel like the sort of exhaustion that a few naps will alleviate. I think that our bodies are busy getting rid of mold toxins (in addition to recovering from everything). I'm trying to drink lots of water to help this process. The detox diet week will help too. (now that I have my new fridge, I can stock up on veggies!)

My gut feeling is that in February we'll start noticing whatever we're going to notice in terms of improvement. Right now we are laying around like seals on a beach, occasionally wiggling over to take a shower or feed ourselves (barely).

I would really like to spend the weekend browsing bookstores and planning my detox menu. Perhaps I'll make an effort to do that. I did manage to get my hair cut today; what a relief!

So that's the update. Not much to update. Small changes. Hopefully there will be more to report in a few weeks!


Nymeth said...

I hope both of you feel better soon!

Stefanie said...

I imagine it will take awhile before the positives of your move come to the fore. You both have been under a lot of stress but it sounds like you are taking good care of yourselves.

Daphne said...

Nymeth: thanks! Me too. I think it's starting. Slowly.

Stefanie: I think you are right. It's hard to wait. But I am seeing slow improvements in Terri (and me). Slow is paaaiinful, though!