Sunday, January 04, 2009


I'm not feeling particularly happy or cheerful (big surprise there, I know!) but it's the night before the start of a new work week, and something's got to give.

So, some ruminations about random things. Perhaps it will cheer me up, yes? These are not resolutions (I feel the need to emphasize). They're just some thoughts and possibilities.

I was thinking today about all the work I've done in preparation for nursing school or occupational therapy school. I'm almost done with prerequisites but I don't know if school will be able to happen anytime soon (I'd have to quit work or go to part-time and I don't know if that's possible for awhile yet). I need to look into some other kind of part-time school program that would be easier to do while working full-time (librarian??). Or figure out some way to grow my career as-is.

However, that's not what I was really thinking about. What I was *thinking* was that it's not really my dream to be an occupational therapist. I would like to do that, and I think it would be a very good thing for me to do. (actually, being a librarian is a whole lot closer to dream-material than OT, but that's another story) My DREAM is to have a solo art show, even if it's just in a local coffee shop. I've known lots of people who have done this. I know it's not *that* difficult. I could do this. Maybe this is the year. That's good incentive for getting my art stuff put away and starting a new habit of doing art on the weekends. Part Two of this dream is to be an illustrator of sorts. I think this is also attainable, perhaps in the form of an Etsy shop or something.

It could happen this year. I could make it happen. If I wanted. That alone is a cheerful thought.

The other thing I was thinking is that it's high time to really learn how to make good Indian food. I adore good curries, samosas, Indian breads, etc. I've been wanting to do this for years. This could be the year, as well. My library (oh, amazing Oakland library, where have you been these past 10 years?) has a number of recommended Indian cookbooks. I think I'll check a few out and see how it goes.

So, maybe keep an eye out for more art and more Indian recipes on here coming up soon. I sure hope so. I would like that.

I think I have had more meltdowns in the last three weeks than I've had in the past year. I am not looking forward to my first week back at work, what with all the catching up and sitting in an office chair and all. I'm fully expecting more meltdowns this week. However, I like thinking about doing more art, and learning how to make samosas. Mr. Owl needs a companion (my Tuesday Night Art Night got eaten up by my stupid class, maybe I need to re-implement it). And we've decided to decorate our bedroom with symbols of alchemy. That alone is rich material for art.

It's very difficult to navigate this life path we are on right now. The only way is to keep going. I think the path will be much nicer paved with art and Indian food, don't you?

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Susan said...

what alchemy symbols would you use in your bedroom? and congratulations on your move. It is hard moving, even if fun. I hope the detox works and is over for you soon! and the idea of your art show - that is really amazing and I hope you do it this year. You'll have to keep us updated :-)