Monday, January 05, 2009

Grateful, Even Though...

Tonight I am grateful. Even though I had a rough day.

I'm grateful for my friend V., who came over and helped me contact-paper all the shelves in the kitchen so that it doesn't smell musty any more.

Even though once I got done and turned on my computer, the computer decided to freak out on my and lose every single personal setting possible. For the second time. Setting me even further back at work. (cue beating of breast and hair-wrenching)

I'm grateful for my job, even though it's going to be a frustrating week (already).

I'm grateful for this detox diet which is helping my tummy feel better, even though I really, really want some dessert. Any dessert. (almost as much as I wanted to smash something earlier in the day, which was very, very much)

I'm grateful for Terri and her resilient spirit. (and there's no "even though" for that one)

This is the best I can do for today. I'm grateful for so many things which are obviously blessings in my life, shining bright and clear in my face. Even though looming equally as large are big nasty grump-inducing events and obstacles. I'm just going to hope that the balance shifts tomorrow. More blessings. Less obstacles.

However, I am grateful that I am still able to notice that I am grateful. That's something.

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