Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cake Wreck

I made that big cake last night. It was for our big potluck today.

Let's just say I wasn't having my best night in the kitchen.

The frosting that wouldn't fluff:

The cake that crumbled as I looked at it:
As if all that weren't enough, the cake fell off my car seat this morning while I was rounding a curve, and the peppermint extract that I had put in my purse to flavor some store-bought frosting, leaked all over my purse. The entire bottle. Mmmm, minty-fresh.

But, all's well that ends well. Here is the finished product. It took two cans of vanilla frosting and half a jar of fancy peppermint sprinkles that I happened to have.

I thought it turned out surprisingly pretty after all that.

I still can't believe it took approximately eighteen different types of whisks for that stupid goo to... well... not do anything at all!

Oh well. They can't all be winners. At least it tasted good. It was chocolatey and minty and thick. It was all big and tall and people seemed to like it. That's what counts.

1 comment:

stefanie said...

Store-bought frosting and sprinkles save the day! Amazing what frosting can hide. I've had crumbly cake problems too and frosting fixes everything, sort of like the duck tape of cake :)