Friday, November 21, 2008

Furry Bellies Are Sometimes Helpful

Ok, is this the ultimate in 'furry belly' or what? This pose always cracks me up. Cleo, you are not very ladylike.

Furry bellies (the small, round, fluffy snuggly ones) can be helpful when you are stressed. I can barely pull myself away from the furry puppy bellies, whom I have named Chubbles and Snuggles. One is chubby, one is snuggly (well, they're both pretty snuggly). Seemed to make sense. Tiger Lily with her extremely chubby belly makes me feel comforted and loved. Katie with her huggable belly makes it easier to go to sleep.

And Cleo. Well, she keeps us snickering. She is quite a clown.

This weekend is the Major Purge. This includes books. If anyone has any ideas for quickly getting rid of massive amounts of books (including many paperbacks) -- preferably either some kind of quick-sell or trade -- let me know. We're having a garage sale on December 6th and hopefully they will go quickly. Am also looking into, but that seems sort of complicated, especially since we need to get RID of books right now and can't hold onto them to wait for someone to order one, you see? May also take a big pile of good sellers (cookbooks, etc.) to a local used book store.

I'm having to resist the urge to just call the Salvation Army to come pick up everything. We'd like to sell as much as we can because we have to replace so much furniture.

But it's seriously tempting to have it just be GONE.

I can't wait for this move to be done. It's going to be a huge pain. But with hopefully lots of gain!


Nicola said...

We've taken books to Blue Rectangle on Park Street and they just took everything. The took it all and said we could either get this amount in credit or that amount in cash. You may want to try there.

Daphne said...

Thanks! I forgot about that place. I'll call and find out when they take books. Thanks!