Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day Two

More adventures! Pictures tell a thousand words, so here they are.

We started off the day in Boron, at the Twenty Mule Team Museum. Full of facts about mining and the old days.

Next door was the Aero-Space museum, also a big hit. I guess in the desert nearby they practice landings or something.

Then it was back to the mines for more family history (Terri's dad used to work in the mines, like many other men in his family). Here they are (the picture is bleached out because of the intense sun). From left: Liz, Joe, Terri, LuAnn, Jim, Herb, Tricia (front), Cathy. Not seen: me (taking photo), and Jimmy, Cathy and Herb's other child (he was off exploring).

Then it was off to Calico, the ghost town. It was a little more touristy than we expected, but it was still really fun.

The hills around the town were so pretty. Here's some original silver mining stuff, and some of the desert hills.

Below: here's what we look like when we're relaxed and having fun. Nice, eh?

Moonrise over the hills and old mining equipment.

We had to check out the graveyard while there was still a little light.
They were stone-covered graves.

Sunset/moonrise at the cemetery.

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