Sunday, November 05, 2006

We're Home

We made it! We actually got up BEFORE dawn this morning (5:30) and were out of the hotel by 6... but it was worth it, we were home by 1 pm. Terri promptly took a nap and I fiddled around the house and then made a necklace that was on order. I still have to make some earrings but I think I need to go to the bead store first.

It was a great trip, and the desert this morning was perfect... the sunrise, the pretty light over the desert, the open spaces... and then we got to Bakersfield with thick fog, and it stayed overcast and gloomy all the way until Livermore. But that's okay. We listened to The Brothers Karamazov and it was fine, and we got home early enough that the day wasn't completely gone.

I do feel behind in my creative endeavors, however. I need to read my Artist's Way chapter (and do a little catch-up from last week), make some earrings, make a bunch of necklaces this week, do my Illustration (I missed last week, which I was sorry for), etc. Busy busy. But maybe I can take the rest of tonight and just relax. Maybe I'll just read my Artist's Way chapter and then work really hard next week to catch up. It's nice to feel relaxed after the trip and I'd like to hold on to that feeling just a little longer.

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