Friday, November 03, 2006

Ghost Hunt

We got to Calico a little too late tonight to go on the ghost tour (but we might try again tomorrow, with the kids). BUT, it was pretty much a - heh, heh - ghost town out there so we were able to walk around under the full moonlight all alone and do some poking around (before I got too freaked out). First we went to some kind of mining area and stood under the full moon and tried to 'feel' for spirits. Mostly, it was just really peaceful. So quiet, and the moonlight was really cool.

Terri investigating. I couldn't bring myself to go into the gates of the town.

Then, we remembered seeing a sign for the cemetery. I remarked, "Wow, I can't imagine going to the cemetery all alone on a full moon night like tonight." So, of course, we went.

Seriously creepy. We drove up the hill to the cemetery... it was totally deserted. My stomach dropped when I saw this sign all lit up by the moon. It was soooooo creepy. Terri jumped out of the car to go take pictures. I had to stay in the car for a little while to get my courage up. When I got out of the car, she was leaning over the gates to peek inside. Here's what she saw:

I think these are grave mounds. I couldn't see them very clearly, but they were all lined up in rows. We'll go back tomorrow (in the daylight) and find out more about this.

We might try to do the ghost tour tomorrow night, but it was really pretty cool to do our own 'ghost hunt' all alone, in the silent desert, under a full moon, in a real live ghost town. If only I had my dowsing rods!

I can't wait to go back tomorrow after we're done exploring Boron with the family, to learn all about this town. It was pretty great to be there tonight.

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