Friday, June 05, 2009

A Meme, and My First Giveaway!

I've been tagged by Stefanie to do this meme, plus I'd like to do a little giveaway as a way to say "thank you" to everyone who read this blog -- it means so much to me.

Rules: Try to answer the following questions, and leave your answers in the comments section.

I've made these a little tricksy since some of my close friends read this blog and I want to make it at least a little challenging! Whoever gets the most right answers first, will win their choice of owl print (8 x 10 print)! You will have the prestigious honor of being the first (besides my mom) to have an owl print by me. You'll be able to say... "I won the first owl print, waaaaaay back when, when she was just a struggling blogger..."

Just kidding. I hope you like them. Good luck on the quiz!

1. What was the main industry in the town I grew up in?
a. farming
b. logging
c. tech industry
d. fishing

2. If pressed, which will I claim to be my favorite book?
a. The Poisonwood Bible
b. The Lord of the Rings trilogy
c. The Terror
d. Little Women

3. I have a guilty secret. Although it pains me to admit it, I love:
a. Macaroni and cheese from the box
b. Driving without my seat belt on
c. Really trashy reality TV
d. Drinking milk straight from the carton

4. Which two subjects was I only a few credits short of minoring in, in college?
a. English Literature and Psychology
b. Home Ec. and Fine Art
c. German and Philosophy
d. Poetry and American Literature

5. I'm having a nightmare where I'm forced to do something I hate to do. What is it?
a. Shop for clothes
b. Give a presentation in front of a crowd
c. Make small talk
d. Vacuum

6. If I had my absolute choice and freedom of how to live and what to do, it would be:
a. Small cottage with picket fence, big garden, small working farm: microfarmer and artist
b. Big rambling country house, lots of roses, lots of pets: personal chef and artist
c. Italian villa, personal chef, in-house masseuse: photographer and artist
d. Modern house in the woods, artfully landscaped yard, green Jag in the driveway; jewelry designer and artist

7. If could eat this every day without gaining an ounce, I would without a moment's hesitation:
a. homemade biscuits
b. my homemade pie. any kind.
c. my mom's chocolate chip cookies
d. homemade bread

8. When painting (owls, for instance), I like to listen to:
a. 80s metal: Metallica, Def Leppard
b. 70s classic rock: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin
c. classical: Beethoven, Satie
d. awesome introspective women: Tori Amos, Liz Phair

9. Keeping in mind that I am an Oregonian, what is my very favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon (as opposed to my usual)
a. city mall shopping, coffeeshop lunch, people-watching
b. reading by the fire, cat in lap
c. watching movies while snuggled under blankies
d. driving around, taking photos, getting muddy

10. As a child, I used to wear this for my town's annual parade:
a. fairy wings (like Titania)
b. a tiger costume (like Tigger)
c. a sunbonnet (like Laura Ingalls Wilder)
d. a t-shirt with my dad's business logo stenciled on it (like, um, every other kid who's dad had a small business)

And a bonus, tie-breaker question (will not count against you if you have all the others correct):

What is one of my hidden talents?
a. I write fantastic craigslist ads
b. I am absurdly good at cleaning the bathroom
c. I can recite any Shel Silverstein poem from memory
d. I can sleep through the Apocalypse

Thanks! I'm looking forward to this. I'll keep the meme/quiz open until Sunday at noon, PST!

A review of the owls:

Pink Owls
Red Owl
Blue Owl


daisies said...

oh fun!! of course i am going to be guessing for all of them because i really have no idea :-) maybe i'll just answer them as though it were me, lol and see what happens ...

but i love your owls and i heart your blog so it will be fun to try ...

1. a) farming
2. d) little women
3. c) really trashy reality tv
4. c) german and philosophy
5. b) give a presentation in front of a crowd
6. a) small cottage with picket fence, big garden, small working farm: microfarmer and artist
7. d) homemade bread
8. d) awesome introspective women: tori amos, liz phair
9. c) watching movies while snuggled under blankies
10. d) t-shirt with my dad's business logo stenciled on it
bonus. b) i am absurdly good at cleaning the bathroom

:-) this was fun ... can't wait to see the real answers!

Erin Neely said...

Okay, lets see how I do:

1. logging
2. Little Women
3. Really trashy reality TV
4. English Lit and Psychology
5. Make small talk
6. Small cottage w/picket fence
7. homemade bread
8. 70's classic rock
9. driving around, photos, getting muddy
10. a sunbonnet
11. fantastic craigslist ads

Hope I did well - Erin

Lara Starr said...

This was tough!

Bonus: A

Nymeth said...

Okay, really just guessing here. Sorry if they're all wrong :P It doesn't mean I don't pay attention to your lovely posts, promise.

1. a)
2. Hmm...a)?
3. d) (I hope it's not b!!)
4. a)
5. b)
6. a)
7. b)
8. d)
9. b)
10. c)

Bonus: c)

Tammie said...

okay. i really only know you through the powers of the interwebs, so im thinking some of these are wrong, but i had to give it a shot because i want an owl print dammit!

Bonus: B

D'Arcy said...

I wonder what it means that without looking at anyone else's answers, I SWEAR, I have the exact same answers as Erin, except I took the Shel Silverstein poem for the tie breaker.

Daphne said...

You're all so good!! But nobody's hit 100% yet (I would be REALLY surprised if someone did...I kind of made this tricky to even out the playing field...).

Stefanie said...

Oh, this is hard!

1. b (you've probably mentioned this before but I don't remember and since I know you grew up in Oregon, logging seems logical)

2. d (I know The Terror was you favorite book of the year last year, but I think Little Women is your all-time fav)

3. a (totally guessing on this)

4. a (pretty sure on this one)

5. b (or is it c? no, b is worse)

6. c (this is a tough one since I know you like gardening and pets but the photographer and artist part clinched my choice)

7. b (I went with c first, should I have stayed with my first impression?)

8. b (maybe this is what I would listen to if I were painting!)

9. d (like winter in MN, rain in OR can't keep you indoors!)

10. c (seems more OR but I can see you in fairy wings too)

Bonus: a ( a complete guess but considering your babysitting gigs, I think this one is it)

How'd I do? (I didn't look at anyone else's answers before I did mine)

D'Arcy said...

Time's up! Who won?!

(Who, me? Competitive, need-to-be-the-best-at-everything Virgo? I have no idea what you're talking about!)